Lavender's Blue

Lavernder's Blue is an very old English nursery rhyme. It is almost 350 years old (!). So Lavender's Blue was probably also sung by your great-great-great-grand parents! Tell this to your kids!

Lavender's Blue became very popular in the 1950s (during the rock'n'roll era), when it was performed by Sammy Turner. You can listen to this 1950s Rock`n roll version here. Cool, huh? And now it's time to sing YOUR version! :) Enjoy!


Lavender's Blue - Lyrics

Lavender's blue, dilly, dilly (or diddle, diddle)
Lavender's green
When l am King, dilly, dilly
You shall be Queen!

Call up your men, dilly, dilly
Set them to work
Some to the plough, dilly, dilly
And some to the pond.

Some to make hay, dilly, dilly
Some to cut corn
While you and I, dilly, dilly
Keep ourselves warm.