Tongue Twisters


A Skunk Sat On a Stump - Short but fun tongue twister about a skunk who sat on a stump.

All I Want Is a Proper Cup Of Coffee - Quite long tongue twister. Medium difficulty.

Are You Copper-bottoming them, my man? - Short but quite challenging tongue twister. Medium difficulty.

Betty Botter - A funny "tongue twister" about Betty Botter that bought some butter.

Fresh Fried Fish - Very short tongue twister. Easy difficulty. Great for tongue twister rookies! :)

I Need Not Your Needles - Fun tongue twister! Medium difficulty.

If One Doctor Doctors Another Doctor - Fun and very challenging tongue twister. Hard difficulty level!

Pad Kid Poured Curd Pulled Cold - Known as World's HARDEST tongue twister(!) Are you ready for a challenge?

Peter Piper - Tounge twister! Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers...

She Is a Thistle Sifter - Ready for a challenge? Popular tongue twister with medium/hard difficulty level.

She Sells Seashells - This tongue twister looks quite easy "on the paper". But try to say it!!! Medium/hard difficulty level.

Unique New York - Very short tongue twister, but not too easy... Easy/medium difficulty level.

Whether The Weather - Quite easy tongue twister, but still fun.